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-Episode List -

SEASON 1 - 2001

UdTv Episode - A

Short Cuts - Johnny Show Reel

Johnny Neurotic:
in Vegas,
NoHo Art Festival....

UdTv Episode - B

Neurotic live   Nov. 10, 2001

Background Movie: Auto Pilot  by Brian Hanish

Short film: Johnny Neurotic - VEGAS

Bridget the Midget and Michael Whitfield

UdTv Episode - C

Neurotic live   Nov. 17, 2001

Atomic Cafe

Johnny Neurotic and Michael Whitfield

Background Movie: Neon Matrix by Curt LaFurney

UdTv Episode - D

Neurotic Live   Dec. 1, 2001

Background Movie: Auto Pilot  by Brian Hanish

Short film: Johnny Neurotic - VEGAS

Dave Norwoods, Kim Manning, Jill, Asian singer.

UdTv Episode E

Short Cuts


3-D Animation School of Visual Arts

Director: Pam Hogarth

Student: Eric Miller

UdTv Episode F

Neurotic @ SigGraph 2001

Johnny & Michael Whitfield

Johnny Neurotics humorous hyper-active style
brings all the excitement of Siggraph to the television audience.
Along with demonstrations, interviews and high-tech spectacle,
Johnny explorers and experiences the world of digital imaging and interaction.

UdTv Episode G

Short Cuts    March 21, 2002

Chuck Cirino Filmaker

Creator of Baberellas,
Fred Rated Tv Commercials, Weird TV,
The Burning Man Video 96- 97

UdTv Episode H --- Un-Aired

Short Cuts

Filmaker: Savitch Films

UdTv Episode I

Digital Shorts

Filmaker:  Rick Smith - iMachine Films


UdTv Episode J

Neurotic Live - Best of 2002 OUTAKES

UdTv Episode K

Johnny Neurotic & Bridget @ Doo Dah 2002

Johnny Neurotic and Bridget the Midget, bring the people, costumes, and their art works to your TV screen.

A Doo Dah video production that actually reflects the wild and crazy antics of this assemblage.

In this once a year trully Upside Down spectacle, to rival
and spoof the acclaimed Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade.

Where all the rules are thrown out the window, and the Fun and Frolic remain.

In this Roller Coaster Ride of Sight and Sound.

Including interviews, music and mayhem.

Reporter: Sam Kapland say's " Its' a cross cultural, ID"


89 minutes

UdTv Episode L

NEUROTIC BURNS: Johnny Neurotic Does Burning Man
Three Filmmakers
10 cases of beer
100 gallons of water
3 digital cameras
10 gallons of Booze
30 Blank DV tapes
One R.V.
A whole lota other crap to build their theme camp
Headed to Burning Man 2002
Johnnys: Dusty, Dirty, Dank, Adventure to Black Rock City, Nevada


UdTv - 2002 - SEASON - 2


UdTv Episode # 1

Johnny Neurotic and Dave Norwoods,

Debut  Movie Review Shows

Johnny Neurotic Live   Jan. 5, 2002

Independence Day

Johnny Neurotic, and
Dave Norwoods, Summer,
2 guys from Publicty Whore's .com

UdTv Episode # 2

Johnny Neurotic Live    Feb, 23 2002


with Dave Norwoods, Summer

UdTv Episode # 3

Johnny Neurotic Live    March, 9, 2002


with Rachel, Zarah, Norwoods

UdTv Episode # 4

Johnny Neurotic Live    April, 16, 2002

The Fast and Furious  

with Sylvester the Jester, Summer, Michael DeVine
Norwoods, ?

Directed by
Rob Cohen

Tagline: If loyalties must be broken, If the lines must be crossed, do it fast, do it Furious.

Plot Outline: Undercover cops infiltrate Los Angeles street racers to bust a hijacking ring.

UdTv Episode # 5

Johnny Neurotic Live    April,-- 2002


With Bridget, DeVine

Tagline: The Fight for the Future Begins (more)

Plot Outline: A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against the controllers of it.

UdTv Episode #6

Johnny Neurotic Live    April 27, 2002


With DeVine

UdTv Episode # 7

Johnny Neurotic Live    May 18, 2002

Star Wars

With Bridget, DeVine,
Cinthia Freeling - Star of
 "Hardware Wars"

UdTv Episode # 8

Johnny Neurotic Live    June 15, 2002

Terminator 2

with Bridget, Zarah, DeVine

UdTv Episode # 9

Johnny Neurotic Live    June 29, 2002

Men in Black

With Bridget, Zarah, Dave Norwoods,

Studio Audience

Rick, Joyce, Gary, Randal, ChaChi, Musicians Tony Espinosa, and Big Black Dude who still owes Johnny $20 for cab fare,

UdTv Episode # 10

Johnny Neurotic Live    July 20, 2002

Pearl Harbor

With Bridget, Zarah, Summer,

Studio Audience

Rick, HomeLess Jon,
Musician Tony Espinosa, ChaChi, and friends.

Directed by
Michael Bay

Writing credits (WGA)
Randall Wallace (written by)
Genre: Drama / Action / War / Romance

Tagline: December 7, 1941 - It Was A Sunday Morning

Plot Outline: Pearl Harbor follows the story of two best friends, Rafe and Danny, and their love lives as they go off to join the war.

UdTv Episode # 11

Johnny Neurotic Live    July 27, 2002

9-11-01 a tribute: With Jessie Allen Cooper

and Bridget, Summer, HomeLess Jon, Devine

UdTv Episode # 12

Johnny Neurotic Live    Aug. 21, 2002


with Bridget, Summer,

Studio Audience

Dick Smothers Jr.
Artist Jon Kilduff, HomeLess Writer Frank,

UdTv Episode #13

Johnny Neurotic Live    Sept. 14, 2002


with Bridget,

Studio Audience

Dick Smothers Jr.
Artist John Kilduff, HomeLess Writer Frank,

Tagline: Guess who's coming to town.

Plot Summary: Following the French atomic bomb tests in the South Pacific, an unknown creature is spotted passing eastward through the Panama Cana

UdTv Episode # 14

Johnny Neurotic Live    Sept. 28, 2002


with Bridget, Devine

Studio Audience

HomeLess Jon,

UdTv Episode 15

Johnny Neurotic Live     Oct. 5, 2002

The Wizard of Oz

with Bridget, Devine

Studio Audience

Sheila of the Jungle, HomeLess Jon, Dread Head the Lion John.

UdTv Episode # 16

Johnny Neurotic Live    Oct. 26, 2002

Silence of the Lambs

with Bridget, Zarah, Devine,

Studio Audience

HomeLess Jon, Kristal, Rachel, Dick Smothers Jr.

UdTv Episode 17

Johnny Neurotic Live    Nov, 6, 2002


with Zarah,

Studio Audience

Summer, Dave Norwoods
HomeLess Jon, Shane Woodson,

Directed by
Steven Spielberg

Writing credits
Melissa Mathison

Genre: Family / Sci-Fi / Adventure / Fantasy (more)

Tagline: His Adventure On Earth

Plot Outline: A group of Earth children help a stranded alien botanist return home.

UdTv Episode 18

Johnny Neurotic Live    Dec. 14, 2002

with Bridget, Zarah,

Studio Audience

Devine, HomeLess Jon,

Final Show for 2002

UpsideDownTv    DEBUT  SEASON 3 - 2003

Begin Year 2003

UdTv Episode 19

Johnny Neurotic Live    Jan, 25, 2003

Jurassic Park

with Bridget, HomeLess Jon,



UdTv Episode 20


Johnny Neurotic Live    Feb, 1 2003

Air Force One

with Bridget,

Gary Hanish

Jayne Warren

UdTv Episode 21

Johnny Neurotic Live    Feb, 15, 2003

Three Kings

with Bridget,

Studio Audience -

Shut Your Hole!
Sketch Comedy

UdTv Episode 22

Johnny Neurotic Live    Feb 22, 2003

Digital Shorts: iMachine Films - Rick Smith

with Bridget,

Studio Audience - Fucko the Clown,

Drippy, Sufi Bradshaw,

UdTv Episode 23

Johnny Neurotic Live    March 22, 2003

Mars Attacks

with Bridget, Zarah,

Studio Audience -

Lisa Custard - actress/model

David Grunberger - musician

UdTv Episode 24

Johnny Neurotic Live    March 29, 2003

The Blues Brothers

with Zarah,

Studio Audience - Artist: John Kilduff

UdTv Episode 25

Johnny Neurotic Live    April 12, 2003

JACKASS the movie

Tagline: Do not attempt this at home

Plot Outline: Johnny Knoxville and his band of maniacs perform a variety of stunts and gross-out gags on the big screen for the first time.

with Bridget, Zarah, Devine, Grunberger, R. Smith, Louis L, Allen Design

UdTv Episode 26

Johnny Neurotic Live    April 26, 2003


Tagline: Get ready for rush hour.

with Bridget, Zarah,

UdTv Episode 27

Johnny Neurotic Live    May, 3, 2003

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

with Bridget, Zarah, Grunberger,

UdTv Episode 28

Johnny Neurotic Live    May 17, 2003

Total Recall


with Bridget, Grunberger,

UdTv Episode 29

Johnny Neurotic Live    April 12, 2003


Cool Stuff #1

the extream boarding show

with Bridget, Zarah,

UdTv Episode 30

Johnny Neurotic Live    June 7, 2003

Yellow Submarine


with Bridget, Zarah, Grunberger, Dr Petree

UdTv Episode 31

Johnny Neurotic Live    July 12, 2003

Die Another Day - 007

with Bridget, Zarah, Devine, Grunberger, Dr Petree

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